Falling back from Windows 11 on KVM

Posted by Johannes Rest on  10. September 2021
Category: Allgemein
After announced, our Windows 11 test instance will not receive further updates… so we’re back on Windows 10 here… Back on Windows 10
At the moment, the new Windows 11 is present in all media. Besides the wonderful and beautiful things that the new operating system will bring, the increased minimum hardware requirements are the main topic. There are requirements for memory, CPU (Intel 8th Gen and higher) and also TPM 2.0. Therefore, I wanted to test this in practice and install Windows 11 on my workstation (Fedora 34) in KWM. This configuration is guaranteed not what you
Enabling the Windows Subsystem for Linux to include support for Wayland and X server related scenarios. More on this existing New Feature can be found here: https://github.com/microsoft/wslg Enjoy!

Visual Studio 2022 is coming!

Posted by Johannes Rest on  20. April 2021
Category: Allgemein
And it’s full of new features! And in 64 bit… See the full announcement here: Visual Studio 2022 | Visual Studio Blog (microsoft.com)
Don’t you find yourself typing the usual bash commandos into PowerShell from time to time? The natural second thought is often: “ah, I have to install cygwin or something”… but since I’m constantly switching back and forth between the Linux and Windows world, I of course also have WSL 2 on my Windows workstation … and there is a wonderful PowerShell module: https://github.com/mikebattista/PowerShell-WSL-Interop This allows the execution of Linux commands also in my PowerShell 7

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