When starting VS Code, you might receive the following notifications in the bottom right corner. “No view is registered with id: codespaces.explorerDetails”“No view is registered with id: codespaces.explorer” Reason: the messages come from a deprecated Visual Studio Code extension. You can remove this by typing the following text into a powershell console: code –uninstall-extension ms-vsonline.vsonline

Surface Laptop 3 screen flickering issue

Posted by Johannes Rest on  16. März 2022
Category: Allgemein
Quite recently I had this issue too with my daily driver – the Surface Laptop 3 15 inch. I was thinking about this to be a hardware problem. Until I learned otherwise. So, I’m linking to this helpful article here too: Surface Laptop 3 screen flickering issue – I had this with the Surface – Microsoft Community It immediately solved my problem.

Freedom of choice

Posted by Johannes Rest on  17. November 2021
Category: Allgemein
The topic of the free choice of browser in Windows 10 and 11 is currently making the rounds in the media. We would also like to take a clear stand here. From our point of view, it is important that operating systems allow users to use the software they want when choosing a browser. The official statement of Microsoft explaining their choice to prevent users from fully making other browsers the default other than Microsoft

Back on the Windows 11 bandwagon!

Posted by Johannes Rest on  11. Oktober 2021
Category: Allgemein
As mentioned in my recent posting about running Windows 11 on unsupported hardware I got today a hint from a reader of this website that it is indeed possible to run Windows 11 in KVM. KVM allows to specify UEFI and also the emulation of a TPM 2.0 module, even without having a real TPM chip on the machine. This is the case for my workstation running Fedora 34. What I did was to install
Scott Hunter just recently wrote an in depth article about the next upcoming .NET 6 release. In this he also mentioned that .NET MAUI (.NET Multi-platform App UI) will not be GA alongside the general .NET 6 release. Here are all the details of his post: Update on .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) – .NET Blog (microsoft.com)

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