Don’t you find yourself typing the usual bash commandos into PowerShell from time to time? The natural second thought is often: “ah, I have to install cygwin or something”… but since I’m constantly switching back and forth between the Linux and Windows world, I of course also have WSL 2 on my Windows workstation … and there is a wonderful PowerShell module:

This allows the execution of Linux commands also in my PowerShell 7 shell!

Only the old PowerShell does not work with it…

I have done this on my workstation:

  1. Fire up Windows Terminal (with of course all the bells and whistles 😎 (Thanks, Scott Hanselman), which are (Powerline, oh-my-posh 3 and of course Terminal-Icons)
Installation WSL-Interop PowerShell module

After confirming the dialog the module just installs:

Outcome of Get-Module in PowerShell 7

The next step is to extend the PowerShell profile to allow the commands to be executed:

So in Windows Terminal type:

code $profile

And append the following line:

Save the file. Take a few moments to examine the content of this line. It maps the available Linux command(s) [which in fact are Linux ELF binaries] to the PowerShell 7 eco system… allowing them to be called from pwsh…!

Then reload your profile:

Reloading profile

As you can see the normal dir etc. is just working as before. But the interesting part now follows:

Outcome of ls command in PowerShell

I like to point out that I do not have any Linux tools installed on my Windows Workstation. Now everything just works, regardless of if I want to work under Linux or under Windows!

After some working with this setup, I can say that even the performance of these commands under pwsh is great! It’s awesome how good and performant the WSL2 stuff under Windows 10 really is!



Integrate Linux Commands into Windows with PowerShell and the Windows Subsystem for Linux

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