After searching for an open source alternative for a software that does charge yearly fees I did find articles about GMVault as an alternative solution that can even be installed on a Linux server. Which would come in handy, so I tried it out.

I decided to to that after reading one of Scott’s older posts:

He described the installation under Windows 10 (which I did as well) and also other sources show the installation under Linux, which is really straightforward. Both installs went well to the point where actually the software tries to fetch the OAuth2 ticket for access to the Gmail email account.

The result was a little frustrating. It simply did not work. The reason for that is that the request is being blocked by Gmail:

App blocked

The error message from Gmail simply states:

The app was blocked. This app has tried to access confidential information of your Google Account. To protect your account, we blocked the access.

Well, that sadly means that backing up Gmail mails is not that easy. Google offers a manual download, but I’m looking for a fully automated backup… So I will continue to look for an alternative to our Mail Store solution…

Backup Gmail account with GMVault

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